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iOS & Apple Swift App Development Essential - IOSE

  • Category: Software Development
  • Exam Code: IOSE
  • Type of Question: Multiple-choice question
  • Exam Duration: 120 Minutes
  • Passing Score: 60%
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Apple & iOS The three key components of Swift app development are learning how to program in Swift, becoming comfortable with Xcode and other Apple development tools, and adhering to iOS design principles. It is essential to be proficient in using fundamental iOS frameworks, integrating APIs, and designing user experiences that are both responsive and intuitive. Keeping current with the most recent iterations of iOS and improvements to the Swift programming language guarantees that developers produce creative, high-caliber apps for the Apple ecosystem.

Course Curriculum

  1. Overview of iOS App Development
    • Introduction to iOS ecosystem and architecture
    • History and evolution of iOS development
    • Xcode IDE and Interface Builder
  2. Swift Programming Language
    • Basics of Swift syntax and structure
    • Variables, data types, and optional
    • Control flow and functions in Swift
  3. Setting Up the Development Environment
    • Installing Xcode and setting up a developer account
    • Creating a new iOS project
    • Exploring Xcode Features and Interface Builder
  1. Introduction to UIKit
    • Overview of UIKit Framework
    • Views and ViewControllers in iOS
    • Designing user interfaces with Storyboards and XIBs
  2. Common UI Components
    • Buttons, labels, text fields, and other UI elements
    • Auto Layout and Responsive Design
    • Navigation controllers and segues
  3. Project: Building a User Interface for iOS App
    • Creating a simple iOS app with a well-designed user interface
  1. Understanding MVC Architecture
    • Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern in iOS
    • Organizing code in Swift
    • Best practices for app architecture
  2. Working with Models and Data
    • Creating Data Models in Swift
    • Fetching and presenting data in views
    • Core Data for local data persistence
  3. Project: Implementing App Architecture and Data Models
    • Applying MVC Architecture and Incorporating Data Models into an iOS App
  1. Networking in iOS
    • Making network requests with URLSession
    • Handling JSON data and API integration
    • Asynchronous programming with completion handlers
  2. Working with Core Data
    • Core Data framework for data storage
    • CRUD Operations with Core Data
    • Relationships and fetching data
  3. Project: Implementing Networking and Data Management
    • Integrating Networking and Core Data into an iOS App
  1. Advanced UIKit Features
    • Animations and Gestures
    • Custom view controllers and transitions
    • Accessibility and Internationalization
  2. Integrating with Device Features
    • Camera and photo library access
    • Location services and maps
    • Push notifications and in-app messaging
  3. App Testing, Debugging, and Deployment
    • Unit testing and UI testing in Xcode
    • Debugging Techniques and Instruments
    • Preparing an app for release and App Store submission