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Course Description

Imagine a world of connected "things" (devices, vehicles, buildings) able to talk to a network, internet, to themselves and be able to take actions wonderful right? IoT (Internet of Things) is a general term used for devices talking over a network for the purpose of Monitoring, Analysis,Control and enhance data collection, automation, operations, and much more through smart devices and powerful enabling technology.

Course Outline

Module 01: Introduction to Raspberry pi 3 and 4
Module 02: Understanding the Raspberry Pi components
Module 03: How to install Raspbian OS on Raspberry Pi 3 and 4
Module 04: Introduction to C and Arduino Module 05: How to Set up the Home Screen
Module 06: Raspberry Pi Sensors and Module Kits
Module 07: Making Files and Navigating the File System
Module 08: Introduction to the Shell
Module 09: Introduction to Python Programming Language
Module 10: How to Connect Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 to External Devices
Module 11: Introduction to Shell Scripting
Module 12: How to write File Permissions and Arguments commands
Module 13: How to Schedule Tasks to Run at Startup
Module 14: Variables and Decision Making
Module 15: Connecting sensors to home appliances
Module 16: Node MCU Projects

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