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First things you need to learn to become a frontend Web Developer are HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap This course will teach you all things to become a Frontend Web Developer !

Course Outline

Chapter 01: Introduction to HTML
Chapter 02: HTML Tags
Chapter 03: Comments
Chapter 04: Basic Layout of a webpage
Chapter 05: Meta Tags
Chapter 06: Id and Class in HTML
Chapter 07: Images and Video
Chapter 08: Forms
Chapter 09: Tables
Chapter 10: Lists

Chapter 01: Introduction to CSS
Chapter 02: Basic Syntax
Chapter 03: Selectors
Chapter 04: Specificity
Chapter 05: Padding and Margin
Chapter 06: Styling A Button
Chapter 07: Positions
Chapter 08: Box Model
Chapter 09: Pseudo Elements and Classes
Chapter 10: CSS Grid
Chapter 11: Mobile Responsive website
Chapter 12: Working with SVG

Bootstrap (CSS Framework)
Chapter 01: Introduction to Bootstrap
Chapter 02: Text Alignment & Display
Chapter 03: Fixed Float Positions
Chapter 04: Background and colors
Chapter 05: Margin and Padding Spacing
Chapter 06: Borders and Sizing
Chapter 07: Navbar
Chapter 08: Forms
Chapter 09: Tables
Chapter 10: Jumbotron
Chapter 11: Auto Margin, Wrap and Ordering
Chapter 12: Project Building a Website
Chapter 13: Revision
Chapter 14: Conclusion

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